Effective public relations can strengthen and complement the sales and marketing strategies you implement to promote your presence at NeoCon®.

Our PR firm, Novità Communications, is here to help you gain exposure for your brand and product. They will be hosting hundreds of media outlets at the show and work in advance of the show to promote it and its exhibitors through print, digital and social media outlets. Please be sure to alert Novità if you are launching a new product, celebrating a milestone, etc. In addition, please let them know if you are planning any media events in your showroom or booth during NeoCon®.

You can reach Novità by emailing  or  If an outside PR firm is handling your media relations, kindly forward this information to them. Please feel free to reach out to Novità (full team info below) with any questions or concerns.

Novità Communications
277 Broadway Suite 201
New York, NY 10007

Chris Abbate –
Danielle McWilliams –
Alexandra Zwicky–

Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to be a part of both the on-site and online NeoCon® 2017 Press Rooms. The online Press Room is especially important as it allows the media to collect images and info for use in pre-show coverage.

New this year, you can upload your press releases and product images through your exhibitor profile.  Login to the exhibitor profile interface, pull down the Profile menu and click on Profile Wizard, then choose ‘Products & Videos’ to upload images and ‘Press Release’ to upload press releases.  Your product images and press releases will appear on both your exhibitor profile and on the press page on Remember, the more information we have before the show, the more we can publicize your activities.

At the Show
From June 12-14, 2017 more than 300 local, national and international media members are expected to visit the onsite NeoCon® Press Room at The Mart.  To take advantage of this powerful audience and gain maximum media exposure, you are invited to display your press kits (*please see “important notes” section regarding press kits) in the on-site Press Room. We suggest you also keep a few kits in your booth, in case a journalist comes by.

If you would like press kits displayed in the onsite NeoCon® Press Room throughout the show, please send no more than 60 press kits by June 1 to:

Lindsey Martin/NeoCon® Marketing
The Merchandise Mart
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Suite 470
Chicago, IL 60654
*Please note that this year, the on-site press room will NOT be open for press kit drop off on Sunday, June 11th.  Please have all press kits shipped to the show at the address below for delivery before Wednesday, June 7th. If you foresee that you are not able to pre-ship press kits, please email Novita and let us know so we can make other arrangements.


*We receive several packages each day leading up to NeoCon. In order to ensure your press kits are accounted for exterior packaging must be CLEARLY LABELED WITH EXHIBITOR’S COMPANY NAME AND “NEOCON PRESS KITS.”

*Be sure to clearly mark your company name, floor and showroom/space number on each press kit. Please see the press kit FAQ section for more information.

*We highly suggest lightweight press kits – digital kits are the new norm. Examples include:

– A branded USB drive or CD containing electronic, labeled copies of releases, images and any other promotional materials.

– A postcard listing the web address where the file is being hosted. This way the journalists can take something with them to remember you – and you can update this file all the way to the time of the show — or even afterwards.

*NeoCon (MMPI) is not responsible for lost or stolen press kits.

*Please pick up your remaining press kits by 5 p.m. on June 14. Press kits that are not picked up by 5 p.m. will be recycled.

What is a press kit?
A press kit is an information packet conveniently assembled for the media to review. Most members of the media prefer to receive a press kit on a USB drive or CD. These are easier for them to carry and are more eco-friendly than paper kits. Many exhibitors are choosing to host their press releases on a secure area of their website and will provide a web address to the media to access.

What goes into a press kit?
A press kit usually consists of the following:
*Labeled press release[s]/news release[s]
*Labeled, low-res images (72dpi) with a note indicating that high-resolution images (300 dpi/print quality) are available upon request. This way you can monitor who is using the images.
*Company fact sheet/brief company history
*Company brochures (where appropriate)

What is a press release/news release?
A press release or news release [interchangeable terms] is a brief announcement, which contains newsworthy material. “News” is the operative word. Explain the new and innovative aspects or benefits of your product. In other words, it must contain some information a journalist would want to let other people know about. A release is written in the style of an article [in the third person]. This means that parts of – or the whole – release could be used “as is” in a publication. It can conclude with a “boiler plate, ” which is a background paragraph on your company. The first page always includes the date, contact name, title and phone number for people to call with questions, or if they need more information. Press releases are usually one to two pages in length.

Is it necessary to put our company’s name and booth number on every press kit?
Yes. If a journalist picks up your kit and readily sees the booth number on it, he or she saves time by not having to look up the location in the show directory.

Should a product sample be enclosed?
If you are a fabric or wall coverings manufacturer, for example, you may choose to add a small piece of the material in or with the press kit. It is not necessary, though.

Should past articles be included in the kit?
It is wonderful to show clients and colleagues press coverage. However, we advise not including editorial articles on press kits, as they may pose a conflict to journalists working for competing outlets. t to journalists depending on the respective media outlets in question.