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Press, Media and P.R.
For information regarding media inquiries please contact Novità Communications. If an outside PR firm is handling your media relations they may reach out directly to the Novità team with your product information and news. The more material they have before the show, the more we can publicize your products and activities. Please see Novità Communications contact info on the CONTACTS page.

Online Press Room
There is an online Press Room where press releases can be uploaded. Novità Communications will be sending out instructions regarding how to upload in the New Year.

On-Site Press Room and Press Kits
Exhibitors are encouraged to print postcards or informational packets for attendees. Marketing materials can only be placed in the exhibitor’s booth and the show’s Press Room, which is located in Pier 94’s entryway. In terms of materials directly targeted to the press, we recommend bringing at least 35-40 press kits. These should contain press release(s) and images corresponding to the products you will be displaying in your booth/launching at the show. Low-res jpegs are recommended with indication that high-res are available). Be sure to clearly mark your company name and booth number on each press kit and label any image files. Press kits can be printed or digital, however USB sticks are recommended. You can also create an online press kit and prepare a printed card listing the web address where the materials are being hosted. Please bring kits to the show Press Room on Wednesday, March 16th by 5:00 PM. It is also helpful to have a few on hand in your booth.

Leftover press kits must be picked up by 7:00 PM on Sunday, March 20TH. Press kits that are not picked up will be recycled.

Social Media
To follow on Facebook: ADDesignShow
Instagram: @ADDesignShow
Twitter: @ADDesignShow
Periscope: @ADDesignShow
Pinterest: ADDesignShow

Please use #adds2016 when engaging in social media. For a more specialized social media strategy or obtain a special ticket discount code for your followers, please contact Michael Rabatin at

Architectural Digest Design Show Logos
Architectural Digest Design Show logos for use in your advertising and marketing materials. If you need different assets, please contact Michael Rabatin,
Architectural Digest Design Show logos (InDesign and PDF)
Architectural Digest Design Show logo with date (PDF)
Architectural Digest Design Show logo with date and address (PDF)

Digital Advertising
Exhibitors are encouraged to display Architectural Digest Design Show banner ads on their website.
125px X 125px Banner Ad
160px X 600px Banner Ad
300px X 250px Banner Ad
620px X 350px Banner Ad
728px X 90px Banner Ad

Exhibitor Listing
We are pleased to offer you a complimentary listing on which is powered by Modenus a digital resource for design professionals and design enthusiasts.

If you are a returning exhibitor and already signed up for the exhibitor list from the 2015 show, please log in at with your log in information. You can then edit your listing and add, delete and change images. Please contact if you forgot it.

New exhibitors can register at

Once you press SUBMIT you can:

  • Log in and hover over your name in the top right corner. You will see a drop down menu where you can ‘add product listing’ and select ‘click here to add a new product’
  • Complete all required fields including product name, description, category, item type and product image (min size is 400 x 400 pixels, JPEG or PNG files only)
  • Add your booth #
  • Click ‘save’ or ‘add another’
  • The listing on Modenus will update and will be included on The Architectural Digest Design Show website and on Modenus social media platforms. The update can happen immediately if you have been a prior exhibitor and might take a day for new exhibitors.

Note: Please use one of the following browsers when accessing Modenus: Chrome; Firefox; Safari (Version 6.1 or higher); Internet Explorer (IE 10 or higher, IE 11 or higher preferred, anything earlier may not work).

The basic listing with up to 10 photographs is free.

ANY MODENUS ISSUES please contact

Official Show Directory
For the Exhibitor Listing in the printed Architectural Digest Design Show Directory, we will use the information provided by exhibitors in the Directory Information section of their Show Contracts. If you would like to change how you are listed, please contact Jeff Petersen for reFRESH or FURNISH listings at or Julia Haney Montanez for MADE and SHOPS listings at

Advertising in the Official Show Directory
Exhibitors who would like to purchase ads in the Official Show Directory can contact Phillip Russo at Download a PDF of the 2016 Advertising rates.

Exhibitors interested in partnering with the show may contact Michael Rabatin, Director of Marketing, at 646-388-8902 or

Hosting Events
Exhibitors are encouraged to host events in their booth spaces. Please contact Michael Rabatin, Director of Marketing, at Include company name, booth number, day of event, time of event, a few sentences inviting show visitors to attend, and describing what will be featured or served. This listing will be published in the Schedule By Day which will be made available on the show’s website.